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The day everything changed.

My message to Dubai on August 31, 2018: "You are my roots. You are the magic that keeps me afloat; brightens my days... and smooths my roughest edges. Three years ago today you stumbled off the trailer and began this crazy journey with me. In the moments and days and weeks thereafter, there was a silent alliance forming; I’d pour the pieces of my soul into your weary heart and whisper, drink. And you’d pour the pieces of your soul into my aching heart and whisper, feel. And back and forth we’d go. Until the phrase “my love” was unanimous for what was “you and me.” ♥️ You are a light. A gift. A mirror. I love you, Dubai. Thank you for finding your way to me.
Samantha Caplan

Dubai'S health

Over the past three years I have been working to recover Dubai’s health. He wasn’t ill when he came home… but he was skinny, and his body was misaligned due to some kind of accident. He’s a rescue so there are pieces of his story that will remain a mystery. So, through nutrition chiropractic, massage and asking questions, Dubai and I have been repairing his health together (he’s quite vocal) to get him back in optimal condition.

Dubai's influence on Me

Without Dubai I’m fairly certain I would be a shell of the person I am today. My mental health, professional career, sanity and more… I all owe to the help Dubai provides me daily. He keeps me focused, laser focused. He is a motivation and an inspiration. And he returns me to the simplicity that life is… every day. Nothing has to be so hard it’s insurmountable. And nothing is so glorious that it lasts forever. He is my mirror. My teacher. And my friend.

The life we're building

All good things are wild and free. That goes double for Dubai and I. I quite my last corporate job back in 2012 and never looked back. It’s been hard but also rewarding. Today we travel, ride and of course, work, virtually to help others build a life of freedom. For more on the work stuff, see LeadMareStudio.com

This video to the right is from 2016. Just a quick hey. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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