About Us

So, first of all, thank you. The fact that you want to learn more about Dubai and I is… well…. humbling. And then the fact that you’ve landed on our website is like, stupidly awesome. Why? Because NONE of this is paid for, I built the website and the traffic is 100% organic. So, anywho, we’re just a girl and a horse on a mission to spread more good horsey juju out into the world. I, Sam, the Humom, personally believe that the more horses around the more humans, the better off our world could be. And Dubai, the horse, believes in apples and snuggles. So, with our combined beliefs… we aim to set an example. An example of what? An example of what’s possible for your horse when you listen with a curious ear… and what’s possible for a human when they love a horse. We’re sharing it all because so many friends and family have encouraged us to, so here we are. Hopefully doing it for the good of all beings; horses and humans. Follow our journey on any of the social media outlets below.


Follow along our daily stories, videos and posts here. Sam writes messages to Dubai on Instagram and posts them.


We try to be witty. Key word here being try, but follow along as we occasionally have smart things to say and share.


This just started but is kind of the most fun. We now have our own Youtube channel where we post videos every Wednesday.

Our story

Okay so, I realize it’s helpful to repeat yourself on a website so I’ll say it again… since this may be the first time you’re reading it…. in 2015, on August 31st, Dubai stumbled off the trailer and took a deep dive into my heart. I can’t believe it’s already been three years. 

After that day we spent hours, days , weeks and months getting to know each other. Little by little. Until we were a team. And it took a long time. Not just that but we also spent heaps of time learning ground work, proper nutrition, and how to communicate… it. took. time.

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