Why Are We Here (on this Blog)?

One year ago this week, we left our increasingly expensive little bubble in Southern California. By we I mean Dubai and I, and by expensive I mean… doable, if I never wanted to own my own home this lifetime. So we packed our things up, at least the things we thought we needed for the summer, and our friends came and picked us up. 

But you know what? Before we get into the story of it all… it seems a little more appropriate to tell you WHY we’re here. Why write a blog? Why have a horse? Why be on social media? 

It’s two fold for me at the moment. 

The first reason: To connect with all of you. Because this, I believe, is why we’re all alive.

My entire life has occurred the way it has due to unlikely connections propelling it forward. Timely choices have lead to big, life-altering, unplanned leaps. In fact, most of my personal success (which is also a tricky thing to define) is due to the lessons & actions I’ve taken through the various characters, friends and loved ones I’ve met in my life.

I find myself learning the most about this life through people and experiences… not books. (Also this face – that face below has taught me heaps).

It’s also helped me a great deal to write down these experiences. So, here we are. Would you like to follow along? Hopefully I can make this interesting enough for you to come back time and time again. And read my words. And look at my pictures.

When I write, I’ll often make some other connection in my brain as I type, and find some new deeper truth for myself within the mess of a sticky experience. The good, bad and ugly. 

So. Here I sit. Typing not necessarily for you, but because I want so badly to meet you. Good lord I hope this is making sense. 

The second reason I’m starting this blog: time. 

We all only have so much time on this planet. And I’ve had some really big plans and dreams for my time here, only to discover that having plans is often not such a smart idea. Goals. Yes. But plans change. Life happens. Nothing ever goes as planned. So I’m writing now because this was one of my goals. To document, share and write more… and my time is running out. All of the things I said I would do this lifetime? I need to do them now more than ever. So, here we are. 

Again, I hope this made sense. It’s feeling a little cryptic as I put it all “down on paper” and I do plan on hitting publish without editing this one.

Mostly because the perfectionist in me already wants to delete the whole thing. 

And before I get too off-track, this blog will be a big mix of reflection, on horses, people, dogs and life. The website and Instagram are titled My Guy Dubai because, well, Dubai is my Guy. My Arabian rescue pony. He’s a horse but I’ll often endearingly refer to him as a pony here. 

Dubai has saved my life in more ways that I can count and has opened up a world of possibility and adventure… and helped me create the life I live today. So, he is paid homage in the name, because he deserves it. 

Thanks for making it this far with us. More to come!


Sam & Dubai

P.S. I promise we’ll improve in time… but this first one just had to get out there!

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